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held under the auspices of the EBRD-UNCITRAL Initiative, in conjunction with the University of studies of Rome “Tor Vergata”

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IMPPM 8th Edition Opening Ceremony

Tuesday 3 March 2020 at 10 AM "Sala del Consiglio", Dept. of Economics and Finance, University of Rome Tor Vergata

JMPPM new Master starting in Belgrade

We are very proud to announce the first edition of the Joint Master in Public Procurement Management programme in the University of Belgrade

For a new culture of public administration
Excellence, Know-how and values

The International Master in Public Procurement Management is a full time, advanced, postgraduate Master Programme organised by the Department of Economics and Finance of Tor Vergata University in Rome, Italy.
The programme is characterized by its interdisciplinary content and it is meant to attract public purchasers with relevant experience in procurement as well as young students interested in preparing for a career in public procurement.
The Master run from March to July with classroom lectures followed by distance learning and a mandatory, professional internship in a company or institution which can be in Italy, in the student’s home country or elsewhere. During the classroom period, lectures and advanced level training activities will be part of the programme. Moreover, the professional staff of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Procurement Department will also be involved in the teaching activities, thus prestigiously contributing to the practical orientation of the programme.
Classes are all taught in English, therefore language proficiency is required to successfully attend the courses and to actively participate in all the learning activities.


This programme offers professional procurement specialists the opportunity to improve their skills and upgrade their competences to keep pace with the fast changing field of procurement and subsequently bring the direct improvements and benefits to the public and private companies and institutions that they represent. It is a challenging programme which utilises an international approach to procurement where environmental, ethical, strategic and legal issues are thoroughly examined on a global level. The field of procurement is predicted to grow significantly in the near future, hence professional opportunities in private and public agencies will open for specialists such as negotiators, contracting officer and contract administrators who have had high level training in procurement issues.

Students of this programme will directly improve their ability to:

  • decipher and utilise competitive supply strategies
  • improve strategic outsourcing
  • create innovative supplier pricing models
  • efficiently assess potential suppliers
  • capitalise on e-procurement instruments
  • reduce company costs while improving product quality
  • encourage ethical behaviour through the use of best practice principles and transparency


  • Gustavo Piga, Master Director, Tor Vergata University of Rome
    Gustavo Piga, Master Director, Tor Vergata University of Rome: Applicants will find at Tor Vergata an engaging environment with an international dimension added to it, in the context of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The intensity of the program and the live-in experience in the university campus will allow students to work in team, learn from each other’s background and engage in lively professional debates around public procurement, adding an essential human touch to the quality of the overall period of studies.
  • Jan Jackholt, Director of Procurement, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Jan Jackholt, Director of Procurement, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: You may wonder why a Bank, albeit a Development Bank, is interested in having a foothold in the academic world. Well, investment is not only about equity or loans but investment in people that can help to develop their countries. An investment project may deliver a power station or a road that will resolve an immediate need but investment in people will bring benefits that are sustainable over generations to come.
  • Daniel Gordon, Senior Adviser to the Government Procurement Law Program, George Washington University Law School
    Daniel Gordon, Senior Adviser to the Government Procurement Law Program, George Washington University Law School: Tor Vergata's Master's in Public Procurement Management has the great virtue of focusing on the real world, so that it provides practical education aimed, not at ivory-tower academic concerns, but at the need to improve public procurement.
  • Caroline Nicholas, Senior Legal Officer International Trade Law Division, UNCITRAL
    Caroline Nicholas, Senior Legal Officer International Trade Law Division, UNCITRAL: Managing public procurement involves so much more than learning the rules. This Master's course in Public Procurement Management will enable the students to improve procurement systems where it counts - when making procurement decisions on the ground.
  • Bojan Gavrilović, Student from Serbia, IMPPM 4th Edition
    Bojan Gavrilović, Student from Serbia, IMPPM 4th Edition: If there is one thing about IMPPM that makes it different from other courses out there is that it gives you the best of both worlds – theory and practice in public procurement. It teaches you how to do public procurement better, how to do it smarter and how to do more about it. I have had the pleasure of listening to International lecturers and practitioners, who have presented my class mates and myself the contemporary issues facing the profession and provided us the forum to try to find possible solutions together. However, maybe more importantly, the people I lived for those spring months in Rome helped me grow most, both professionally and personally, which is why I would recommend IMPPM to anyone seeking to do more and be more in public procurement.
  • Giulia Di Pierro, Italy, Tutor of IMPPM 2nd Edition
    Giulia Di Pierro, Italy, Tutor of IMPPM 2nd Edition: The IMPPM was an incredible learning and human experience for me. I strongly believe that this master programme is unique in its organization and interdisciplinarity of courses, as the main issues of public procurement are analyzed from the economic, legal, ethical, strategic and managerial perspectives, according to the highest professional and academic standards of lectures, in a perfect mix of theory and practice. The international dimension and heterogeneity of the class in terms of nationalities, cultures, backgrounds gave also a notable added value to this edition of the master, where sharing of best practices, opinions and experiences was always encouraged. Thanks to this Master, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, and those " colleagues" that I met the very first day has now become very close friends and, hopefully, professional partners in the future. I would recommend this Master to whoever is willing to have a closer insight of public procurement, studying in a multicultural and challenging environment, within the beautiful scenario of the Eternal city of Rome.
  • Marko Jeremić, Student from Serbia, IMPPM 2nd Edition
    Marko Jeremić, Student from Serbia, IMPPM 2nd Edition: International Master in Public Procurement Management 2014 at Tor Vergata University of Rome has given an excellent opportunity to gain multidisciplinary knowledge in public procurement and related subjects to a group of over 30 students. Knowledge, experience, expertise, and above all selfless dedication of academic staff greatly contributed to added value that each of us can bring home to our working environment, allowing us also to set new goals in our professional lives. As much as this has been beneficial to our careers, even more so it has been a truly pleasurable human experience. Meeting people from so many different parts of the world, and ending up enjoying in every day that we spent together, whether it was going to classes, studying in campus or just sightseeing Rome and other beautiful cities in Italy has made me a wealthier person. I shall take wonderful memories from this programme and I would recommend it to everyone.
  • Heba Al Mohtaseb, Student from Jordan, IMPPM 2nd Edition
    Heba Al Mohtaseb, Student from Jordan, IMPPM 2nd Edition: I consider myself a very lucky woman to have the opportunity to participate in IMPPM master program for improving myself and my knowledge despite my work and social responsibilities as a married woman, but I really realized how much this master is unique with little similarities throughout the world that encouraged me to be in. Through this experience, we were able to meet with experts in public procurement from all over the world and we discussed a lot of aspects and challenges in this growing field. I went back home carrying all this knowledge and self-confidence which will be a cornerstone in improving my output quality as a procurement officer. Thanks to all contributors in this master for making it possible and successful.
  • Branimir Blagojevic, Student from Serbia, IMPPM 1st Edition
    Branimir Blagojevic, Student from Serbia, IMPPM 1st Edition : The International Master in Public Procurement is a result of stackeholder's vision that will help to "grease the wheel" of sustainable development and efficient procurement in student countries. It gave a chance to all of us with different cultures, religions and habits to quickly become like one, sharing ideas and creativity, and, with a great help of qualified teachers, an opportunity to reach our professional goals. But is wasn't just about knowledge, it was about new friends, professional and friendly university staff, and finally, about a chance to live a student life once again and to live it in the Eternal City of Rome.
  • Biancamaria Raganelli, Professor of Administrative Law University of Rome Tor Vergata
    Biancamaria Raganelli, Professor of Administrative Law University of Rome Tor Vergata: An interdisciplinary approach to Public Procurement as an instrument to ensure the achievement of public goals as well as an better use of public funds.
  • Vittorio Cesarotti, Professor of Operations Management, University of Rome Tor Vergata
    Vittorio Cesarotti, Professor of Operations Management, University of Rome Tor Vergata: As a consequence of the global crisis, public administrations are required to become more efficient and effective in all their activities. Procurement is one of the areas with the greatest potential for improvement but also one of the most complex to improve, due to the multiple skills required and the difficulty of working within strict legislation constraints. Thanks to its intrinsic multidisciplinary approach, its innovative structure and its leading edge content, the Master in Public Procurement Management can valuably support this journey towards a new, efficient, competence-based and innovative public administration.
  • Ms. Aigerim Abylay (IMPPM 6th Edition Student)
    Ms. Aigerim Abylay (IMPPM 6th Edition Student): "I am grateful and honored that my friends allowed me to speak on behalf of them today. And as always, and being a woman of IMPPM I will speak from my heart. I am grateful for giving me opportunity to say THANK YOU to Professor Piga for opening this program, to Annalisa for running it and to Cristina and Simona for being there for us when we got any troubles. New generation may ask yourselves WHAT IS IMPPM ABOUT ….? And here is what I know IMPPM is about KNOWLEDGE – because you will meet and listen honorable professors from the whole world who arrived here to teach you… and you have to be brave enough to accept that there is so much you don’t know IMPPM is about HARDWORKING – because you will learn a lot and strain you brain trying to understand formulas or complicated tables with numbers (which terrified me personally during all course of economics, and my friend Abed was patient in helping me to cope with this) …. IMPPM is about HAVING FUN, when you relax and drink some scotch after hardworking on first exams session with your friends and discuss how taught it was….and chat with dearest friend Elvira about life and love and sitting with Jallah and Jozef about funniest stories under alcohol… IMPPM is about COMPETITION, not with each other, but with yourselves and make things doable which were never doable before…like almost crying alone in your room on Linear formulas of prof Buccirossi screaming “I don’t get it!!!!”, calling your friends, watching YOUTUBE and then crying again from happiness that “NOW YOU GOT IT, probably I am a genius!!!” IMPPM is about INSPIRATION, because this master will open new doors inside your mind and give you more ways of thinking…. like “now I know all about procurement and need to become a president of my country…” But most important thing in IMPPM is about FRIENDSHIP. When we came back home and after a while I was sitting at work at about 11 AM in Astana and trying to register myself on Turnitin and it didn’t work… I just typed in our chat “GUYS, HELP, sorry for waking you up”. After 10 min I got an answer – Hi Aya, whats up, it seems that you woke up half of the planet…” – from Bratislava, from Italy, from Tunisia, from Africa, from Ukraine, from Serbia!! They all where there for me and ready to help.
  • Mr. Jozef Kubinec (IMPPM 6th Edition Student)
    Mr. Jozef Kubinec (IMPPM 6th Edition Student): "Dear professors, dear friends and new students, It is my utmost pleasure to speak to you today on the ground of my second university which I was proud to call home for the past year. To be part of this master program was dream come true for me. It all started as a try, and even after an initial complication with Slovak ministry I did not give up and it was worth it. It was really the opportunity of a lifetime because I had a chance to listen and speak with some of the best people in the field. Where else you could meet these exceptional practitioners? Maybe in a conference where you would be lucky to ask them one question. Here we had them actually for yourself for the whole week. And even if they wanted there was no escape from questions and ideas of our frozen generation. I would on behalf of whole frozen generation thank every one of the professors. Of course, our biggest thanks go to Prof. Piga, our dear Veljko, Prof. Castelli, Cristina and Simona. And for you dear new students, I have some good news but I am afraid that also some bad news. Should I start with bad ones? It is not going to be easy, you will have to get used to new accommodation, for some of you even to the food you are not familiar with. Just ask my friend Lateef that struggled a lot with Italian cuisine. Now you can believe me or not, but you will have to learn new things and once again learn to be attentive in the classroom and listen to somebody else for some time. I am speaking from my own experience that this was one of the hardest things :-). But do not worry my friends, treasures that await you are worth it. You will spend almost 5 months in one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in Europe, even in the world. My advice to you is to travel as much as your budget and time will allow it. I can even give you secret tips for restaurants and places you have to visit. I mean, you have to try pasta in Bologna, pizza in Napoli and gelato in Rome – they make them there like nowhere else. It’s not only beautiful places that you will find here in Italy, You can find new friends and colleagues for the rest of your life. And for that, you need to do only one thing…...have your mind and heart open. So please be kind to each other, accept different cultures and religion, and listen to other people arguments and give them space to express themselves. Sometimes even other people can have good ideas and better solutions to your problem. I know it is not easy, but you have to try...and once again I am talking from my experience. If you succeed in this, you will create for yourself a network of people that you will benefit for a long time. My other tip for you is using your time in the classroom. Listen to professors and do not be afraid of asking questions. Trust me that this experience will enrich your professional life. I have other bad news for you. Nobody else is going to do it for you and this applies also for your professional career. If you want a change in public procurement in your country and if you want that public procurement officers will be accepted among other professions, you have to do something for that. I am afraid we have no time to wait for politicians to make changes. You will have to become this change. Start from yourself, think about new challenges that are in your country and find your own ways how to overcome them. Present your ideas in different conferences, papers, journals or meetings. Trust me that after some time somebody will start to listen. Don't be afraid of rejection because that is part of life. If you are thrown out of the door then come in by the window. Good luck my friends…"
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