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Professor Augugliaro:

Start Day: Thuesday, 2 March 2017

End Day: Saturday, 4 March 2017

  Thu 02 March Fri 03 March Sat 04 March Sat 03 June (Recupero)
10 AM - 1 PM Paolo Augugliaro Paolo Augugliaro Paolo Augugliaro Paolo Augugliaro
2 PM - 5 PM Paolo Augugliaro Paolo Augugliaro Paolo Augugliaro Paolo Augugliaro
Paolo Augugliaro Lecture Content

Objectives of the Module:

i. developing the knowledge of the main negotiation strategies and techniques;
ii. developing the ability to set a negotiation and analyze the context (the importance of supplier, the power of the parties, the expected length of the relationship with the supplier, the objectives);
iii. developing the knowledge of the personal negotiation aptitudes that are generally used with the counterpart;
iv. developing the ability to lead a negotiation trough the integration (win-win) model based on the Fisher and Ury’s theory;
v. developing the ability to recognize and neutralize the unfair tactics that the counterpart can use.


The guiding line of the course is using the classroom as a laboratory, a protected environment where recognizing and testing personal negotiation aptitudes and skills. The course mainly has an experiential nature, in order to let each participant observe and change his/her own behaviour repertory.
The evaluation instruments used during the Module are:

role playing;
feedback by other participants;
feedback by the trainer;
self-diagnosis questionnaire on personal behaviour style.

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