In times when budgets are stretched, but the need for public sector presence and action is deemed critical, when structural and rapid sources of funding seem missing, when there is a growing concern for the quality of public intervention and when regulation is felt too intrusive and ineffective in pushing forward the private markets' profitability and growth, it appears that an organised and transparent process of setting up public procurement can be fundamental in ensuring that trust in the action of policy-makers is rapidly restored.

In a country where public consumption and investment over GDP of goods, services and infrastructure projects averages around 15%, a mere 10% savings in expenses frees approximately 1,5 of GDP that can be dedicated to either lowering taxes, adding to social expenditure, or boosting growth and cohesion in society.

Intelligent aggregation of demand, smart market analysis, collusion prevention and encouragement of micro and small firm participation, contract management, proper measurement of internal performance and rewards to firms that have done well on past contracts, can rapidly bring significant savings for the public sector and subsequently benefits to citizens.

The Procurement Team at Tor Vergata University has understood and even anticipated this trend, deciding to invest energy in a qualified teaching program, with passion and commitment. Tor Vergata's history of effective training in public, private and military procurement provides an excellent academic foundation for
professionals who wish to acquire a more advanced level of skills and knowledge to become a reference point for their procurement teams.

The Procurement Team of Tor Vergata University

In 2004, Tor Vergata University, won the national competition entitled “MEF Consip Master in E-Procurement” organised by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance together with the Central Purchasing Body, Consip, concerning the organization of a Master in E-procurement, where all the Italian Universities were invited to participate.

This was the beginning of an ambitious project. The original Master in E-procurement was progressively reorganised through the creation and development of the Italian Master in Procurement Management. The International Master in Public Procurement Management was then launched in 2012, taking on the additional challenge of a specific project of professionalisation for civil servants in the acquisition domain all around the globe.

The acquired experience and the broad institutional network of relevant professionals completely dedicated to the project implementation have been the key ingredients to making the International Master in Public Procurement Management (IMPPM) a successful and prestigious qualifying programme.

Department of Economics and Finance
University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
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Prof. Gustavo Piga

Executive Director
Prof. Annalisa Castelli

Distance Learning Coordinator
Prof. Andrea Appolloni

Cristina Cerri / Simona Rippo

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