Jakob Edler

University of Manchester

Jakob Edler, Professor of Innovation Policy and Strategy,
Executive Director of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research
Alliance Business School, University of Manchester

Jakob is Professor of Innovation Policy and Strategy, and Executive Director of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.  Jakob’s research interests lie in the analysis and conceptualisation of governance and policy  in science and innovation - with a focus on  demand side innovation policy and public procurement of innovation, and more recently  on governance of responsible research and  innovation. He also works on the impact of science and innovation  policy, the internationalisation of research and  innovation activities and related policies.  Jakob’s research has been funded by the UK Research Council, international organisations (such as EU, OECD, WIPO), and numerous national and regional bodies in many European countries.  In 2014 he was elected member of the German National Academy for Science and Engineering (Acatech), and in 2015  he was appointed into the Austrian Council  for Research and Technological  Development. Jakob is member of the executive  committee of the association of institute in STI policy EU-SPRI.

Jakob is Director of the Manchester Executive Education Courses on Evaluation of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and teaches in the Executive Education Course on Science, technology and Innovation Policy.

Jakob holds a PhD in Political science from the University of Mannheim, and has a master in political science/economic history and a master in business administration. He has been a Fulbright Scholar at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA.


Selected publications on Demand Side Measures and Public Procurement of Innovation

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