Dalal Barakat

Lebanon-Engineer Chief of Technical Service

I am born in April 27, 1957 in Beirut. I have a Diploma of  High  Study  in  Architecture from the Institute of  Fine Arts at the Lebanese University of  Beirut. In 1980, I was nominated Engineer at the General Directory of Housing at the Ministry of Housing and Cooperatives. Then, in 1995, after I had made a Special Training Cycle for  Promotion  to the 2nd  category at the Council of Civil Service in Beirut, I was nominated Chief  of  Service of  Environmental Housing at the Ministry of Environment. Since February 2000, I occupy the position of Engineer Chief of Technical Service at the Administration of Tenders in the Central Inspection. Between 2005 and 2012, I occupied the position of General Director at the Administration of Tenders by Interim. During my long administrative life, I have participated in several workshops and training courses, some of which in Lebanon, and others in Stockholm, Athens, Maastricht and Nicosia. I am fluent in Arabic, French and English, and I have studied Painting, Classical Music (piano).

In May 2014, I have been nominated General Inspector at the Central Inspection (A position of 1st category of employees).
In addition, I have been in charge in December 2014, of the position of Central Inspector for Health, Society and Agriculture (Another position of 1st category of employees).