Start Day: Mon 20 May
End Day: Fri 24 May

Module description:

This module focuses on the one side, on available public procurement procedures (negotiations, pre-commercial procurement) and steering mechanisms (best value procurement, value engineering, IPR) to achieve added value for public money in public contracts. The module adopts a legal, psychological and economic perspective.


Lecturer 1

Stephan Corvers

Date May 20  hours: 10.00 -1.00

Lecture content


Lecturer 2

Ramona  Apostol

Date May 20  hours: 2.00-5.00

         May 23  hours: 2.00-5.00

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Lecturer 3

Paolo Augugliaro

Date May 21,22   hours: 10.00 -1.00 and 2.00 - 5.00

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Negotiation Bibliography

Lecturer 4

Carl Mair

Date May 23 hours: 10.00 -1.00

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Lecturer 5

Andrea Bonaccorsi

Date May 24  hours: 10.00 -1.00 and 2.00 - 5.00

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Prof. Corvers Stephen 

Available Time:  2 hours

Students will be asked to answer 4 – 5 open questions related to a case-study regarding the following topics:
• preparatory phase before the procurement procedure;
• legal negotiation grounds within the EU regime;
• pre-commercial procurement (procurement of R&D services);
• contractual clauses regarding IPR and value engineering.

The students will be allowed to use during the exam any reading materials they consider useful. The responses should be limited to maximum 1 A4 sheet per question.

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