Start Day: Mon 24 June
End Day: Wed 26 June

Module description:

The module on Logistics describes the basic tools for designing, planning or evaluating a logistics strategy and analyses the key drivers of logistic performance, highlighting the interrelations between procurement and logistics. After an initial part on the basics of a logistics strategy and on the general approach for optimizing the flow of goods and information, the module will focus on the logistics challenges in the public sector.

The goal of the module is to cover not only high-level logistics strategy and concepts, but also to give students a solid understanding of the analytical tools necessary to solve the most critical logistics problems. Attention is given to such issues as transportation management, warehouse and facility location management, inventory management, and customer service strategies.
By the end of the module, the students should be able to understand:
- key aspects and drivers of logistics performance;
- challenges of logistics management both in private and in public sector;
- the benefits of integration within the supply chains between logistics and procurement.

Module development
The module will be developed according to the highest professional and academic standards to maximize students’ learning experience. The classes will be structured as a combination of interactive lectures and case studies discussion. The students will be encouraged to share opinions as well as to propose solutions of real-world case study problems. 


Lecturer 1

Corrado Cerruti

Date June 24:   hours 10.00-1.00 and 2.00-5.00 

Lecture content


Lecturer 2

Emanuela Delbufalo

Date June 25 :  hours 10.00-1.00 and 2.00-5.00

Lecture content


Lecturer 3

Rosa Martelli

June 26:  hours 10.00-1.00

Lecture of content



Module 11: LOGISTICS

Prof. Cerruti

Available time: 30 minutes

Students will required to answer 5 multiple-choice questions related to the lecture held by Dr. Massimiliano Schiraldi on the 26th of June (morning session). The presentation given on the 25th of June (morning session) will be accounted for 50% of the final mark of the abovementioned module of teaching. In case of absence, students are to prepare the presentation autonomously, and send it directly to Dr. Andrea Appolloni (andrea.appolloni@uniroma2.it).

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Prof. Annalisa Castelli

Distance Learning Coordinator
Prof. Andrea Appolloni

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