Start Day: Wed 3 April 
End Day: Sat 6 April

Module Description:

The  governance of the complexity of the building, the maintenance of the connectivity and the management  of the supply-demand net requires:
• A deep understanding of both the supply and the sell markets;
• Logistics and production competencies
• Organization design attention
• Management of the internal and the external relationships
• Deep knowledge of the technological tools
These competencies are related with two perspectives: the “basics” of organization design and business strategy  in  order to manage the integration tools of the supply chain . These tools are useful to understand the system dynamics and the managerial model and praxis which consider the buying activities as a lever for the performance increasing.
The supply management is a long time issue neglected. The actual re-evaluation  is rooted in different determinants:
• The progressive de-integration  of firms that amplifies the responsibility left to suppliers in the value creation process;
• The impact of new IT tools that contributed to build up new form of cooperation with supplying partners;
•  An ever  and ever increasing tendency to reduce costs that implies all the value chain of the suppliers.

Lecturer 1

 Luca Gnan

Date  April 3 and  4:  hours 9.00-1.00 and 2.00-6.00;

                       April 5:  hours 9.00-1.00

Lecture content

Lecturer 2 (Procurement for Works)

 Angelo Bianchi

Date  April 5: hours  2.00-6.00

           April 6: hours 10.00-1.00 and 2.00-5.00

Lecture content

Lecturer 3 (Procurement  for Goods and Services)

Andrea Martino

Date  April 5: hours 2.00-6.00

Lecture content

Lecturer 4

Signe Lynggaard Madsen

           April 6: hours 10.00-1.00 and 2.00-5.00

Lecture content 




Available Time: 1 hour

Note: The exam will consist of 8 multiple-choice questions. All the students has to read and prepare what is included in the syllabus of the course. Furthermore, it is essential to study the notes taken in class and the provided slides.


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