Alessandro Ancarani (Coordinator)

Start Day: Mon 30 June

End Day: Fri 04 July



The main goals of the course are:

  • To provide the basic strategic knowledge necessary:
  • To choose when to use negotiation, open or restricted tendering;
  • To chose what type of auction;
  • To understand and optimize the strategic links between various the stages of the procurement process: ex ante preparation, contractor selection, contract management, and ex-post evaluation of a procurement process.
  • To provide the basic strategic knowledge about:

              i) How to choose the awarding criteria (lowest price vs. most economic advantageous tender)

              ii) How to score suppliers at the selection stage when quality matters (goods/services/works);

              iii) How to set the reserve price for a procurement contract;

  • To show the relevance of the strategic tools within the context of international public procurement procedures (e.g. Multilateral Development Banks STDs);
  • To provide empirical evidence and case studies on the practical implementation of the strategic tools discussed in this module


Lecturer 1

Alessandro Ancarani

Date June 30 and July 01: hours 10.00-1.00 and 2.00-5.00

                                 July 02: hours 10.00 -1.00

Lecture Content


Lecturer 2

Andrea Bonaccorsi

Date July 02: hours 2.00-5.00

          July 03: hours 10.00-1.00

Lecture Content


Lecturer 3 

Veljko Sikirica

Date July 03: hours 2.00-5.00

          July 04: hours 10.00 -1.00 and 2.00-5.00

Lecture Content

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