Kamoliddin Muminzod

Procurement Specialist - Russian Tajik Slavonic University

After graduating from the Faculty of Law of the Tajik National University with honors in 2006, I have entered to the Faculty of Economics at the Russian Tajik Slavonic University (part-time department) and simultaneously started working in investment projects of our country. Initially I started working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. In 5 years working in the field of monitoring and evaluation I decided to try myself in the field of procurement and got involved in procurement activities in the country's investment projects.  

I started working in the field of procurement in the Government’s Investment projects under the public procurement procedures and procedures of the World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Asian Development Bank. Now I’m working in the Russian Tajik Slavonic University as Procurement Specialist where we are implementing part of the High Educational Project financed by the World Bank. 

To add a genuine contribution of knowledge in the field of public procurement and add something to what has previously been known on the subject, I really want to conduct a research work at master level in the field of procurement activity with the rich program of the Master of Public Procurement Management of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" the study of which is extremely important for my professional development and career growth.